About us


Why employ a garden designer?

Most people know what they want in their garden – they just don’t know how to make it work and look good.

Gardens for relaxation and well-being

Gardens are natural spaces where we can be endlessly creative and fill with as much life as possible.

Black Isle Garden Design

Where it began

We lived in rural Northumberland, and it was the 1970’s, so it was quiet – but it was quieter still in the walled garden.

Community projects

We are also involved in voluntary work and have put in a number of gardens for people who are in poor health or for some reason or another are unable to look after their existing garden. If necessary, we will completely re-design their garden. The aim is to give pleasure and to encourage them, whenever they are able, to potter about in their garden. The health benefits of gardening are enormous. All these gardens are planted with invertebrates and other creatures in mind so they serve the dual purpose of benefiting people and the environment.

We’d like to help you develop a relaxing, natural space that you can enjoy for many years to come.